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Instructions: Right-click and save. Word Wrap is your friend. Call me lazy. Enjoy!

NGE: Above All Else isn't a normal Evangelion fan fiction. During the first chapter you may find yourself asking if this is EVA at all, and that's understandable. The fact of the matter is, this is my story. It's skewed from the usual fic quite a bit, but I enjoy writing it. Later chapters will make much more sense in a canonical way, but I feel that my approach brings about a bit of suspense to the story. See for yourself and email me with your feedback at

Chapter:01 -- From Left Field

It is the spring of 2029, and the Angel's attacks are long over. A chance encounter with an old "acquaintance" may not be a chance at all. Two young adults who are familiar, yet different, are being pushed towards their destiny by the hands of man.

Chapter:02 -- The Unsure Times

As Kunihirou attempts to come to grips with his feelings after Megumi's appearance, NERV springs into action, bringing Unit 00 as well as Unit 02 up to operating condition. Just what is Ikari planning now?

Chapter:03 -- The Intertwined Souls

Megumi and Kunihirou finally come to terms with their relationship, and NERV's first mission is revealed. Just when everything is ready, a horrible accident shakes Tokyo.

Chapter:04 -- A Trancelike State

Kunihirou awakens from a troublingly realistic dream, and the NERV staff is faced with both triumph and disaster. In the end a familiar face may change the life of one young man forever. Sorry so short, I wanted to end on a decent cliffhanger for once.